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I started college as a film major with a love for cinematography and storytelling. Originally, I thought film was exactly what I was meant to do. Yet, after that first film class, I realized my passions resided more in post-production. I was fascinated with the process of connecting the film, the work, the art with the world. I became more interested in finding new ways to reach audiences and connect individuals with a piece of art throughout my work on campus and in the entertainment industry. While I still do love a good night at the movies, I love the scale and development television is allowed to explore.

That being said, I’m listing out 10 of my FAVORITE shows…so if your watchlist is empty, check out these series’:

LOVE (Netflix) With only one season under its belt, LOVE is one of my favorite shows that Netflix has produced. With Judd Apatow behind the series and plenty of comedy, I can’t wait for next season. Just plain fun.


House of Cards (Netflix) The hype is true. Its deliciously fun.


Entourage (HBO) One of my favorite shows of all time. Super easy to watch, full of great cameos and Unreal‘s Constance Zimmer.


Game of Thrones (HBO) I’ve already got my family hooked and who knows what will happen next. The best series of the Millennium? Each season gets better and better, and next season could make it one of the best of all time.


Girls (HBO) Lovable characters, the insane situations (the mesh shirt is all I will say), and the brilliant writing. Lena Dunham explores the modern world we live in and captures a whole lot of heart in each 30 minutes episode. And the music is on POINT.


The Affair (Showtime) Unlike anything else on television right now. Raw, honest, and I WANT SEASON 3 NOW!


Homeland (Showtime) Yep, I watched season one in 24 hours and season two in 25. This show is one thrill ride from start to finish.


Mad Men (AMC) What is not to love? I was torn between this and Downton Abbey. But this AMC show certainly has its charm. And c’mon, it’s Don Draper.


Pushing Daisies (Amazon) Why was this whimsical show cancelled too soon? NO CLUE. But the two seasons it was given are magical and full of wonder.


Casual (Hulu) Tied with Game of Thrones for my favorite television show this year. It’s honesty and realism may be boring to some, but I simply find it fascinating.



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