the AWARD SHOW list: the VMAs

I LOVE AWARD SHOWS. 5 days away and the VMAs have strangely only announced 3 performers. So who knows what will happen this year at Madison Square Garden. I’m hoping Miley pops in and drops another new album or that Kanye announces his running mate. Either way, check out my picks to win:

Breakthrough Long Form Video: While Troye Sivan’s “Blue Neighborhood Trilogy” was crazy good, you can’t beat “LEMONADE.” Expect Queen B to take this one home, hopefully after a crazy performance. Rumor has it, she’s been rehearsing in NY 👀

Best New Artist: Desiigner of COURSE. PANDA PANDA PANDA. Is there really any competition?!  DNCE may take this one home, but Desiigner truly deserves it.

Best Pop Video: All the nominees are great, but Bieber’s infectious dance video turned official music video for “Sorry” is pure gold. The video is one pop music celebration from start to finish and makes you want to try that crawl move in the second verse.

Best Collaboration: Rihanna’s two videos for “Work” are nice and all, but her video with Calvin Harris is about ten times better. She makes dancing in a box of projections simply fascinating. And, it’s Rihanna. So really, what’s not to love.

Male Video of the Year and Best Hip Hop Video: Dan Flavín inspired, Drake kills it with this one. Captivating art direction and meme-ready dance moves made this single one of Drake’s biggest hits. I’m predicting he’ll take the Moonman for both awards on Sunday night.

Female Video of the Year: Move over Adele, Sia put Maddie Ziegler in another video. Sia also never won Video of the Year for Chandelier (talk about summertime sadness). So, I think it’s time the VMAs showed Sia some love.

Video of the Year: Music videos have been WICKED good this year. Yet, there’s no denying the fact that Mr. West’s “FAMOUS” should take home the biggest award of the night. It’s the most captivating, controversial and iconic video of the year. Even if you are Team Taylor Swift.



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