the LIFE list: summer 2016

The stars have finally aligned and I’m PUMPED to announce that I’M MOVING TO NEW YORK. Yep, that’s right. YOUR FAVORITE LIST MAKER is headed to the Big Apple to work for HBO. From transitioning into post-grad life to figuring out my next move, I’ve definitely learned a lot this summer. So here it is, the first of many LIFE lists. Or in simpler terms, the WHAT I LEARNED THIS SUMMER list.

  1. At the end of the day, plans change no matter what you tell yourself.
  2. Don’t ask for a dairy-free mocha at Caribou Coffee. They will hate you. Hate you.
  3. Reading is GOOD for the soul. Especially when its the new Harry Potter play, The Goldfinch, or The Girls.
  4. Adult coloring books are SO COOL. Learn how to do it right via the Chelsea show on Netflix. PRO TIP: Watercolor pencils blend super well.
  5. Binge on Veep, Casual, and Shameless. Retire Orange is the New Black and Mr. Robot.
  6. Even if you aren’t in Texas, you can still find a decent margarita.
  7. You can actually become a car mechanic after a few YouTube videos.
  8. Connect with your old friends, who knows what you’ll find out. MAYBE they’re moving to SPAIN?! OR they could be headed to NY just like you?!
  9. Never stop fighting for your dreams, even if it takes everything you’ve got.
  10. In the end, it will all be OK.

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