the FESTIVAL list: made in america 2016

If you know me, you know I LOVE a good music festival. When the lineup for Jay-Z’s Made in America dropped at the beginning of summer, I knew it was fate. Rihanna & Coldplay?!?! It was a god dream. So, this past weekend I flew to Philadelphia with two of my friends for the Labor Day weekend. These 10 acts, simply blew me away

10. Tchami // That bass tho.

9. Chance the Rapper // EVERYONE played Chance’s “No PROBLEM” all weekend. From the local restaurants to many artists’ sets, Chance was EVERYWHERE. Playing hits mostly from his first two releases, Chance seemed to be saving his “Coloring Book” favorites for his upcoming tour.

FullSizeRender 339.jpg

8. COLLEGROVE // Aka Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz.  From speeding through their hits to getting the crowd “LIT” for Rihanna, the duo easily had the most engaged audience of the weekend. As the sun set, lollipops were being rapped about and 2 Chainz was running from side to side.

FullSizeRender 362.jpg

7. Bibi Bourelly // People will describe her as “the girl who wrote Rihanna’s BBHMM.” Yet, it’s time to ditch that title. Bourelly is an artist of her own. She masterfully hit every note in her set. The ONE to WATCH.

6. Travi$ Scott // DROP a new album on FRIDAY. Show up to Made in America on SUNDAY. Climb a tree over the audience to perform a few songs. Just a typical weekend for Travi$ Scott. After seeing Scott for a second time, I would also say that I am Carpool Karaoke-READY to sing along to “Antidote.”

FullSizeRender 319.jpg

5. FKA Twigs // Twigs turned FKA (Formally Known As) Twigs lost a gem/stone then her dancers helped her get the stone/gem-thing back. Accompanied by the loudest subwoofer known to man, FKA Twigs combined full on performance art with modern dance infused with her operatic vocals. Definitely an acquired taste, but if you are ready to have your mind blow, FKA Twigs will not disappoint.

4. Gallant // After seeing Gallant KILL IT at Coachella, I was expecting a packed crowd for his set on Saturday. To my surprise, the crowd was underwhelming as I slid into the third row only a few minutes before. From “Weight in Gold” to “Stepping Stones,” Gallant proved he was just as talented as those headliners and could break as many microphone stands as he wanted.

FullSizeRender 326.jpg

3. Rihanna // It’s Rihanna. It’s ANTI. It’s freaking EPIC. Yep, I lost my voice after belting “Love on the Brain” and I walked away with tons of her merch. Still sad Drake or SZA didn’t pop in for a feature, but Rihanna’s vocals definitely didn’t let anyone down.

2. Coldplay // I have been wanting to see Coldplay ever since I learned how to play Viva La Vida on the piano. Hearing nothing but rave reviews from their latest tour, I couldn’t wait to see their set. Light-up wristbands, lyrics filled with love and a show set to mesmerize. Coldplay rocked Philadelphia.

FullSizeRender 348.jpg

1. Jamie XX // Pure magic. Dancing and singing along from start to finish. From getting a festival crowd to get down to Salsa music to remixing Frank Ocean’s latest single, Jamie XX owned his set. Through the dynamic lighting design you FELT the music. But WAIT?! This guy ranked Jamie XX higher than Coldplay and Rihanna?! Yep. I did. And if you were there, you would understand too.


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