the TV list: binge edition

With the EMMYs on Sunday and many of my favorite shows nominated, I’m completely torn on who will win. I’ve already covered most of my favorite shows on the TV list. But picking only 10 shows from my 22 years of life felt quite unfair. THEREFORE, I give you 10 more. Complete with commitment times for all of you binge watchers .

Veep (HBO Now) I love fictional politics. LOVE it. While you won’t be shocked and on edge like with Scandal, you’ll be laughing for days. Brilliant writing and EMMY-worthy performances. Only 24 hours.


The 10th Kingdom (Amazon Prime) For the fairy tale nerd at heart. Originally aired during the millennium, this mini-series is sure to induce some nostalgia. Only 7 hours.


Nip/Tuck (Amazon Prime) Ryan Murphy’s quirky and strange show about plastic surgeons in the Miami heat is filled with cameos, crazy storylines and somewhat lovable characters. You’ll 100% know how they do a nose job after watching it too. Only 100 hours.


Royal Pains (Netflix/USA) Perfect for mindless watching or when you want to send a few e-mails while watching some TV. Summer color palettes brought to you by Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren and that mansion from the “Blank Space” music video. Causes MAJOR Hamptons-FOMO. Only 104 hours.


UnREAL (Hulu/Lifetime) The same kind of hustle as House of Cards, but on the set of a show just like The Bachelor. Pure fun and completely unpredictable. ANYTHING can and WILL happen on this show. Only 20 hours and counting.


American Horror Story (Netflix/FX) IT ISN’T ACTUALLY SCARY (minus season 2). Rather the show is filled with wonderous costumes, sets, and locations. Each season is different and somehow they are all connected to each other. Season 3’s Coven is still my favorite but who knows what this upcoming season will hold. Only 63 hours.


Scream Queens (Hulu/Fox) Perfect for that quick binge. The show is completely ludicrous. Bloody. and Hysterical. Unlike anything else on TV. Season 1 had its ups and downs, but with Season 2 hitting Fox later this month, I can’t wait to see what witty lines Ryan Murphy will come up with this season. Only 13 hours.


How to Get Away With Murder (Netflix/ABC) Viola Davis. Plot twists left and right. and You won’t be able to stop. I cannot WAIT for season 3. Plus I saw Bonnie when I was in LA and I didn’t know how to handle myself. Only 37 hours.


Downton Abbey (Netflix) Full of charm and wit. Perfect in almost every way. Like Mad Man, the plot progression takes its time. Yet, you’ll remember the characters forever and want to book a trip to Great Britain the next chance you get. Lady Mary for the WIN. Only 60 hours.





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