the BUCKET list: new york

ICYMI this list maker is headed to NEW YORK. While I’m currently packing my bags blasting J.Biebs and Kanye West & Jay-Z’s “Watch the Throne,” I’ve put together a new list. The BUCKET list: nyc edition or the 10 things I want to do once I get to New York. Playing Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York” didn’t make the cut. But I’m sure it will somehow stumble into my headphones touching down at LGA on Thursday.

Make the COFFEE list: new york // Basically an excuse to go try all those SUPER TRENDY coffee shops. I’m talking Happy Bones, Think Coffee, Ludlow Coffee Supply, Third Rail Coffee, and ALL THE REST. Expect multiple editions coming your way soon.

Stroll the HIGH LINE // I’ve been to NY plenty of times, but I haven’t made it over to the High Line just yet. A park 30 feet above the ground?! I’m down.

Join the Whitney // I got to see KOONS retrospective here back in 2014 and was BLOWN AWAY. With a brand new location in the Meatpacking District, I can’t wait to check out their new space. Catch me at those gallery opening 😏


Get that DUMBO, Brooklyn bridge picture // You know this one! DUMBO (or Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) also has this really rad carousel overlooking Manhattan and the water. So I’ll probably be on a horse in the next few weeks.

SEE the COLOR PURPLE // I never got into the Hamilton hype. Sorry, not sorry. But I AM all about Cynthia Erivo. Hopefully I’ll find a way to snag tickets before she leaves the show. I also want to see CATS, but I know I’ll most likely have to see that one alone haha.

Tap it BACK like a new yorker // OF COURSE I’ll be signed up for that 6:00AM bike at SoulCycle every once and a while. C’mon, it’s me. It was cool hearing “What’s Up HOLLYWOOD” back in LA, but I know it will be even better hearing “Let’s GO NEW YORK” knowing its my new home.


Hit Up the Hamptons // NOT Revenge-style or like The Affair, but like Royals Pains. I want a drama free day or weekend here at the beach. PLUS this getaway is only a few hours from the city, so what’s not to love?!

Get SNOWED IN and wander around // This one is kind of out of my control and I still need to get winter boots. But NY during the HOLIDAYS plus the SNOW sounds like a god dream. Snow Angels in Central Park anyone? Could I be anymore like a tourist?!

Visit Oculus // So this one is a COOL train station. Wait what?! A cool train station?! YEP. Just check it out here. #Minimalist. Instagram. Heaven.


NAVIGATE sans GOOGLE MAPS // I love using Google Maps, BUT I would like to be able to navigate and get around this city without my iPhone. Sure it’s great for commute times, but I want to do it FOR REAL. NY STYLE.

Got anything else I should add to this list?! Let me know in the comments below!


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