the INSTAGRAM list: part three

This list doesn’t need an explanation. These five accounts simply inspire me. FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW them down that IG road.

@meredith_hosek: From traveling to coffee, Meredith sees the world through her own lens. I’m a HUGE fan of Meredith’s photography and her eye for composition is quite admirable. Simple elegance.


@cholpak: Whether this guy is in LA, Paris or NY, he is sure to induce some major FOMO.  PLUS just talk about some good vibes and some nice plants featuring walls.


@ellery_k8: Ellery and I go WAY back. NOW she’s killing it in Madrid teaching English. Aka changing the world. Filled with color, lots of puns, and salsa dancing she’ll show you those Spanish streets.


@iamgalla: I’ll never be a fashion blogger. But I have MAD respect for those out there who rock that world. Traveling all across the world and based out of NY, IAMGALLA kills it. Just look at those ice cream/gelato/sorbet/whatever they are cones!


@emrata: *jaw dropped emoji* followed by three *fire emojis.* Thank you Emily Ratajkowski, just thank you.



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