the LIFE list: moving to NY

Welp. It’s been 12 days in the city. I’ve learned a lot. Drank a lot of coffee. Found an apartment. Made some new friends. AND completely grown to love this crazy place that is New York City. 10 things I’ve learned…in that list formation:

  1. APARTMENT HUNTING IS STRESSFUL. On the real sign up for house hunters if you can. If you are moving to NY, fly here for a few days FIRST and lock down that spot. If you don’t like a place, don’t take it. You’ll know when you find that winner. Thank you Upper West Side.
  2. Bring that portable charger. I use mine almost everyday because Google Maps and I are still BFFs. PLUS a new friend may need a charge and you can lend that helping cord.
  3. Being close to your friends is A HUGE PLUS. If you’ve let friends sleep on your couch (due to number 1), you are a saint and you should receive a giant hug.
  4. Pizza is always the answer.
  5. The COFFEE in New York is LIT. My official coffee list is coming soon…but if you can’t wait, check out Bluestone Lane in Bryant Park.
  6. Go explore new neighborhoods and just walk around! DUMBO, the Lower East Side Chelsea, Battery Park, Flatiron, the list goes on. Walking around is super fun (when it isn’t raining) and will fill those Apple Watch rings.
  7. Smile ALL THE TIME and don’t wear shoes that give you blisters.
  9. Times Square is still pretty magical. Especially when you remember dreaming of moving to the city as a kid realizing everday that you MADE IT!
  10. Moving to New York is a huge adjustment for anyone. It’s a big deal. So give yourself a break AND embrace the change. Laugh off the stress, stroll through Central Park and never turn down a rooftop Happy Hour.

I seriously cannot wait to see what will happen next. Besides more lists added to the Lists of Charlie.



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