the FRIEND list: tiny miss tyler

The NEW YORK hustle is alive and well. New days, new places, lots of new coffee spots, and a BRAND NEW kind of list. I give you the FRIEND list. OR a super fast interview I did with one of my blogger friends which I then made into another list. Our friendship began at the Wild Detectives in Dallas and we ended up in the same city post-grad after four killer years at SMU.

WORLD, I introduce you to TYLER in case you haven’t met her yet…

1. She’s WITTY, wee, and ENTHUSIASTIC.

2. Tyler is a “dog hoe” aka she’s all about that Snapchat filter where your face becomes a dog.

3. The BEST TV SHOW OF ALL TIME according to Tyler is Game of Thrones ( 😏 she must have read the TV list). Her runner-up: Parks & Recreation.


4. The ALBUM that pulls on her heart strings and makes her feel all the feels is a tie between Passenger’s All the Little Lights and Ed Sheeran’s XAnything by Kodaline is also a Tyler jam.

5. TYLER’s ultimate coffee spot is Royal Blue in Highland Park Village. *NO WONDER since they brew STUMPTOWN *

6. Her life recently changed when she had the Chateaubriand Steak for 2 at Keens Steakhouse.


7. When I asked Tyler what was her biggest dream, Tyler responded “I’d like to own a boat.” AHOY MISS TYLER, AHOY.

8. She also dreams of living back and forth between New York and Paris. #goals

9. Tyler’s ADVICE for life: “Don’t stop doing something because you don’t think it’s cool.”

10. The motivation behind her blog, Tiny Miss Tyler…“I do it because I like it. AND I love taking photos of my coffee.” Followed by a few giggles of course.

She’s constantly covered in coffee and crumbs. Catch up with Tyler at


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