the COFFEE list: new york city

Coffee and Charlie are practically two peas in a pod. And HANDS DOWN, the best thing about living in New York so far has been all of the RAD coffee shops. I’m no Starbucks dude, but I’ll always walk a few extra blocks to get some local roast. So here WE GO…my TOP FIVE coffee spots in NYC:

Joe and the Juice in Bryant Park // Sure they’ve got trendy juices, but they BLAST Yeezy and Chance the Rapper at 9AM. Their coffee card brings your lattes down to $2.50 a drink (say what?!) and it happens to be right next to the wonderful Bryant Park. Ditch that “venti” language and order their PINK latte cause they only go by colors.


Bluestone Lane in Bryant Park // Conveniently located right next to my work, their coffee is pure, creamy goodness. From their photogenic avocado toast to their iconic blue cups, you can’t beat it. Their location in the Upper East Side allegedly features some baristas with Aussie accents, but the friendly staff at this location has me coming back multiple times a week. Praise their cinnamon sugar doughnut.


Maman in SoHo // Tucked away in the heart of SoHo is this simplistic, homey coffee spot. From their life-changing White Chocolate Pretzel Cookies to their darn good coffee (honestly, my favorite in all of NY). They brew Toby’s Estate and you’ll be all about their rabbit flower pots tucked away in the back. Great for reading, writing and the Instagram.


Happy Bones in SoHo // It’s ALL over Instagram. And a blogger straight up had a crew of four people helping her do a photoshoot at the table by the window. God, I love America in 2o16. Happy Bones carries those HUGE donuts, the baristas are SUPER friendly, and their latte art is super. I could actually live here. I also want one of their white t-shirts.


Ludlow Coffee Supply in the Lower East Side // Across the street from the infamous Mr. Purple, get ready to feel JIVED. Crazy strong coffee. Laid back vibes. The best place to get coffee with a friend. I’m still regretting that I didn’t try their rainbow Rice Krispy treats, but I’ll be BACK. 10/10 recommend grabbing an iced mocha before strolling through one of my favorite NY neighborhoods.



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