the NEW YORK list: neighborhoods

I’ve been living in New York now for a little under two months. It’s been a WHIRLWIND of ups, downs, and adventure. While I won’t give away the whole what I’ve learned in NY so far list (that one is coming sOOn), I’ll break down the neighborhoods of Manhattan for you in lis formation. Totally not an expert opinion, but a list of first impressions and weekend exploration.

the Upper West Side – MY HOME. When I apartment searched (talk about stress), I looked at a few places in the UWS and KNEW I had to start my new life in New York right here. It’s full of good vibes. Tree-lined streets (fall is already a dream), TWO PARKS a few steps away, and GREAT food. Plus it’s safe and I live five blocks from an Urban Outfitters.

Midtown/Theatre District – I get off right at Times Square every morning to get to work and dude, it’s awesome. I’m not the typical New Yorker who hates Times Square with every inch of their being. Okay, maybe I do at like 6PM, but in the mornings its SUPER and full of wonder. Oodles of coffee shops, Bryant Park, the NY Public Library, the MoMA, Radio City, Rockefeller Center, all the SHOWS, and really good salad places aka Chop’t.


the Upper East Side – If you watched Gossip Girl, its apparently the place to be?! Welp, I never watched it, but its a train ride north of Grand Central, has the GUGGENHEIM, plus the MET and has a really good Panera. Weird I know, but who doesn’t want a bread bowl.

Chelsea – Oh Chelsea. Art Galleries galore. The High Line. Plus the soon to be rad, Hudson Yards. The Trailer Park Lounge. Local Bookstores. Chelsea Market (which is honestly more stressful than Times Square on the weekends). You really just walk around here inspired. Plus everyone there is TRENDY AF.


the Meatpacking District – Hands down, one of the coolest areas in all of Manhattan. BRUNCH spots. The Samsung 837 VR/Instagram Tunnel store. The WHITNEY. Plus crazy amounts of shopping, art, and rooftop bars. Right below Chelsea, you get dropped off here at the end of the High Line.

the Lower East Side – Okay, actually my favorite place in all of NYC. SO much creativity, energy and inspiration. PLUS great coffee shops and fried chicken. And Mr. Purple. AND Live Music. also INSANELY fun nightlife. Just don’t forget your leather jacket and don’t be that tourist taking your picture in front of a wall.


Battery Park – If you are ever missing palm trees, head here. Brookfield Place has a bunch of palms just waiting for you. PLUS Battery Park is right on the water, you can see the Statue of Liberty walking alongside the Hudson and see some nice boats and maybe a cruise ship or two. Quiet, family-friendly and a great place to clear your head.

FiDi – Located right next to Battery Park is FiDi aka the Financial District. Sure there is Wall Street, but also Oculus (basically a star wars ship featuring a shopping mall). The World Trade Center. SHAKE SHACK. Steps away from the Brooklyn Bridge which takes you over to DUMBO. The Irving Farm Coffee Roasters in FiDi is stellar too if you need some WICKED GOOD coffee.


SoHo It’s filled with shopping, an ADIDAS store, CRAZY good coffee spots, a CB2, incredible restaurants, and did I say good coffee?! Throw in a few art galleries, some instagrammable streets and you’ve got one of the coolest areas in Manhattan. Plus there is a pizza place that has DAIRY FREE pizza. bless up.

Greenwich Village – It’s NYU everywhere, but also where Lady Gaga played on the roof of The Bitter End with Mark Ronson a few weeks back. Between SoHo and Meatpacking, you’ve got Umami Burger, tree-lined streets and Washington Square Park. Classic New York City.



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