the LIFE list: winter in NY

Before making the decision to move to New York. I had one big concern: the cold weather. Sure, I grew up in Kansas City and had the pleasure of all four seasons. YET, I was going to be dealing with winter way up north. Blizzards. Layers on LAYERS of coats. What on earth was I getting myself into?! My life of t-shirts and jeans would be over. Fast forward to now. TIMES CHANGE // AND I LOVE WINTER IN NEW YORK. Yes, it’s been a mild winter so far. So, this list may eventually get cancelled. BUT, I mean, I’m writing this list as it’s 45 degrees and raining outside (quite cool). Anyways. WINTER IN NEW YORK is COOL. WHY?! This list will tell you why.

  1. The SNOW – IT’S GRAND. New York goes all picturesque, full-of-instagram-potential status when that layer of fresh snow covers the ground. Ditch any hopes of amazement when the snow melts and turns to brown mush. BUT, when it snows, New York becomes a winter wonderland.
  2. Jazz Music at 3AM – You’d think cold weather means shorter bar lines in the Lower East Side. HA. HA. Jokes. SKIP the lines and find a local jazz club instead. You’ll feel like Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in La La Land. Whether it’s Smalls or the Village Vanguard, you can’t go wrong.fullsizeoutput_1532
  3. Ramen Noodles – Because when it actually is cold and you need some warm noodles for your soul. Benkei Ramen in Williamsburg is 100% approved by The Lists of Charlie.
  4. Red Wing Boots – Yeah…I tried doing the whole wear white sneakers and dress shoes in the mushy snow and yeah…you get how that story ends. YET, THESE BOOTS ARE KILLER. Club Monaco stocks them in NY. Stag Provisions has them in Dallas, Austin, and LA.
  5. Escape in the Whitney’s Dreamlands exhibition – Lounge in a comfy chair and watch some immersive cinema that will change the way you think of ART. No jackets or scarfs needed. Low key just the best museum in all of NY.fullsizeoutput_152c.jpeg
  6. AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 – A MOVIE THEATRE MADE THE LIST. Because winter means oscar season and we all like eating popcorn for dinner. PLUS each theatre has a really fancy entrance and they have a neon escalator. 👀
  7. Treadwell Park – Cable-cutting millennial? High FIVE. This Upper East Side sports bar puts award shows on ALL of their TVs. Plus, they have a pretzel the size of sheet cake.fullsizeoutput_1528
  8. Laugh off the cold at a Broadway Show – Or cry your eyes out. Or just stare in AWE at the magic that is CATS. Just don’t accidentally step in a frozen puddle and then decide to wait for lottery tickets as your toes get chilly.
  9. The Oyster Bar at Grand Central – Who doesn’t want to eat some crackers and oysters all cozy in an Oyster Bar?
  10. Grab that LATTE – Winter means it’s totally acceptable for me to drink more coffee right?! Cool. Glad we can agree on that. Toby’s Esate in West Village is my new favorite jam. Did I mention they have free wifi?!fullsizeoutput_151d

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