the NEW YORK list: broadway

One SUPER thing about living in Manhattan is the easy access to all of the FANTASTIC Broadway shows. If you’ve read the MUSICAL list, you know I’m all about some good theatrical expression. So far, I’ve seen 7 shows on the Great White Way since moving here. While MOST of them have been brilliant, some fell a little flat. SO, what show should be next to see on your list?! WELL…this list should help you out.

Dear Evan Hansen // La La Land’s composers take their skills to Broadway. It’s a mix of Next to Normal and Spring Awakening. It’s also the most challenging and beautiful piece of theatre I’ve ever seen. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW WORLD. You’ll probably cry.

Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 // It’s whimsical, exhilarating, ludicrous and completely glorious. Some “War and Peace” plot lines infused with Russian accents make for the perfect combination.

CATS // Are you serious Charlie?!…YEP. I AM. The revival running right now is invigorating and sharp with each movement. It’s the cleanest show I’ve ever seen. AND I’m a DOG PERSON. BUT I STILL 100% approve.

Miss Saigon // This limited run will give you chills all through Act One. Act Two moves a little slow, but the tremendous set design makes up for it. It’s classic Broadway and terribly depressing, somehow making Les Misérables and Aida look like child’s play.

What about the three other shows you saw?! Eh, don’t worry about them. Plus all of the shows I saw back in high school closed (RIP Spiderman: Turn off the Dark). I’m only trying to GIVE YA THE BEST. So what’s next on my list to see?

Sunday in the Park with George // All I’m hearing is BRAVO and BRAVA. I’m trying to get tickets this weekend, so stayed tuned to my Instagram to see if I find my way back to Times Square (gah) for this limited engagement.

Anastasia // MORE great reviews and that word of mouth is spreading like wildfire about this show. Having just opened in previews last week, I’m curious to see how this one measures up.

Hamilton // Okay, don’t roll your eyes at me. But, I haven’t listended to the soundtrack yet. I just know that “ELIZA” melody. I’m all about going in blind to see a show and then being blown away. Listening to the soundtrack is the biggest spoiler. One day I’ll get in to see this one. Probably not anytime soon, but I’ve heard you should try and go.


4 thoughts on “the NEW YORK list: broadway

  1. I only saw one musical on Broadway. I am from Charlotte, which is why I don’t see many shows on Broadway. I see them mainly in North Carolina. Back when I was 12, my mom took me to New York and the trip was just me and her. She took me to see Wicked. I don’t remember much about that experience, but I do remember “Popular” being my favorite song from the musical. Wicked sparked my love for musicals and the character of Elphaba became my favorite musical character as my journey with Wicked continued. I honestly want to go back to New York and see more than one musical in the same trip

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      1. I want to be able to see on show at the Met and like three shows on Broadways and ant the Broadway shows to be musicals. Because I have a musical-themed blog, I think having that experience will be a wonderful addition to this blog. But know when I will get a theatre experience like that


  2. Only saw one show on Broadway, which was in 2006 and it was just me and mom. She took me to see Wicked and that show was the first show where I began to understand the complexity and emotional nature of musicals. I think it comes from being the right age. It has been way too long since I saw a show on Broadway and I honestly need to get back someday


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