the LIFE list: spring 2017

Well, hello there! It has been a minute. Post-Coachella (yes, I just made that a thing), I’ve been WORKING, SPINNING, CAFFEINATING and spending a lot of time with my friends. Yet, LONG LIVE The Lists of Charlie. A list of 10 things that are UP below:

  1. Working in social media, I pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So when that clock hits 6:00 PM, I’ve been trying to unplug and focus on what really matters: the PEOPLE AROUND YOU. I promise the world won’t stop if you give your phone some time alone.
  2. And if it DOES…the Wall Street Journal Push Notifications will save the day. I don’t really read NEWS (unless it’s tied to Entertainment/Tech/New Coffee Spots), but the WSJ’s notifications keep me current. #notanad
  3. I’m Turning it UP at SoulCycle. I’ve taken on their TURN IT UP challenge – mostly because I want a free gym bag. Yet, I HIGHLY recommend taking one of Sam’s classes at the W60 location. She is THE BEST. Endorphins FTW.
  4. ICYMI: Miley came back.
  5. I turn 23 on SATURDAY. TWENTY THREE. Everyone has told me 23 is the worst year of your life, but I’m determined to make it the GREATEST.
  6. #BringColorBackToNYC – Or my goal to finally give my black/white/grey/denim wardrobe some more color. Who cares if I look like a tourist?! Summer is ALMOST here. Plus, I can only rock band t-shirts under blazers for so much longer.
  7. The Television I can’t stop talking about: The Leftovers, Grace & Frankie, Veep, and The Handmaid’s Tale.
  8. Everything about Sunday in the Park with George. If I ever open a coffee shop or write a book it’s going to be called “Sunday in the Park with Charlie.”
  9. I’ve made the summer switch to COLD BREW. RIP lattés.
  10. Finally, the last thing that is UP…is that I’m trying to GO MORE WITH THE FLOW. Sometime’s it’s more fun to ditch plans, to-do lists, and just live in the moment. Who knows what might happen? 😉

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