the LIFE list: winter 2017

Oh, hey! It’s nice to be back. So WHAT has been UP (since I’ve been MIA since the SONG list: september)?! Read this list to find out.

  1. Have you heard of Billie Eilish? She’s basically the best thing to happen to 2017. Her tender vocals, sonic beats, and witty production have been on repeat since October. Eilish will rule 2018, so make sure you check her out.
  2. I’ve been taking a break from social media. #WHY?! Since I’ve been working in the digital/social space full-time, a dude can need a break. I mean does everyone really need to see me at another coffee shop? Does the world really need to see the moments I share with my closest friends?! To be honest, I’m not quite SURE. What has this break taught me? Just being present is a lot more rewarding than likes and comments.
  3. The zucchini chips at Rintintin are out of this world. So is Spongebob Squarepants: the Musical.
  4. I’m reading the GREATEST, most spell-binding novel right now by Hanya Yanagihara. A Little Life, tells the story of four men coming into their own after moving to New York City post-college. It’s over 700 pages and I actually can’t put it down.
  5. @Charzweber is drinking black coffee with raw sugar this winter. Either at a local La Colombe or at my favorite diner by Lincoln Center.
  6. Tove Lo’s Blue Lips weaves together what I loved about “Habits” with a dark fusion of synths. The hooks are catchy as ever. I’ll run to this album on Sunday mornings from start to finish.
  7. Earlier this fall, I moved from the Upper Upper West Side to the heart of the Upper West Side. And I LOVE IT. Walking by the Natural History Museum every morning to work, Book Culture on Columbus, SUPER restaurants, and cupping at a place across from my apartment makes my new place a 10/10.
  8. Everything about the orange zest pancakes at Nickel & Diner.
  9. Like always, I’m watching quite a lot of Television. What’s streaming on my Apple TV right now? This Is Us, The Crown, Curb Your Enthusiasm, High Maintenance, Shameless, and Keeping Up.
  10. The bottom line: I’m working a lot (but I LOVE what I do), I’m still drinking a lot of coffee, I’m reading, I’m exploring, and I’m still learning every day. ALSO, we can’t forget it’s the most wonderful time of the year: Oscar Season. As of 12/19, Lady Bird is my favorite film of the year. But, let’s not forget my Netflix cameo in Gaga: Five Foot Two…

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