the AWARD SHOW list: the OSCARs

I’ve finally DONE IT. I’ve seen EVERY movie nominated for Best Picture just in time for the Academy Awards this Sunday. If you haven’t had the chance to see these nine contenders yet, this list will get you up to speed…

Arrival // Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner make quite the team deciphering a new alien language. The film soars, especially in terms of sound design and editing. It’s haunting, chilling, and perfectly exquisite. The complete opposite of Enchanted.


Fences // I wouldn’t call this one the Best Picture of the year especially since it feels more like a filmed version of the stage play. Yet, both Denzel Washington and Viola Davis craft dynamic, complex characters more than deserving of that golden man.


Hacksaw Ridge // The Mel Gibson-directed film isn’t anything new, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’ve also come to terms with the fact Vince Vaughn wants to move on from comedy. RIP Dodgeball 2. Garfield triumphs and Hacksaw stands as one of his best performances to date.


Hell or High Water // Think Sicario. But on the border of Oklahoma and Texas, not Mexico. It’s a thrill ride, but the film falls a little flat in the first hour. It’s a GREAT weeknight movie. Take that how you may.


Hidden Figures // I thought all my bets were on La La Land to grab this award, but Hidden Figures blew me away. The cast took home the main award at the SAGs, meaning this film could grab the title and even land on the moon. Taraji P. Henson and Janelle Mon√°e also completely deserved some acting nods.


La La Land //  Just. Win. Them. All. La La Land. If you haven’t seen it yet, HI HELLO HEAD TO YOUR MOVIE THEATER NOW. You’ll be singing and dancing the entire way home. It’s escapism at its finest and whimsically delightful in every way. Perfection from the 405 to those rolling credits.


Lion // Although this one is a tad bit long, Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman make this film. Entranced with the stunning cinematography, you’ll tear up about 5 times throughout the duration. The film is also basically a HUGE ad for Google Earth.


Manchester By The Sea // I always see a depressing movie on Thanksgiving weekend and this one definitely left its mark. Sure Casey Affleck is good, but Michelle Williams and Lucas Hedges are fantastic. With Manchester as its backdrop, Kenneth Lonergan captures the pain of loss.


Moonlight // Throughout its three-act frame, the film redefines the power of cinema. Unfortunately, it feels a little too artsy to win Best Picture. Yes, I’ll be referencing the art design for the next five years and if I ever run a museum, I’ll be playing the film on loop in its own exhibition.


So, who is my PICK to WIN?! La La Land.


the AWARD SHOW list: the GRAMMYs

THE BEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR. Well, hopefully. Will Bieber show up? Will Katy Perry drop a ūüĒ• new single? Will Beyonc√© finally take home the BIG AWARD for a visual album?¬†All good questions. You just won’t find me paying attention during the country music categories. The LISTS of CHARLIE’s official picks for music’s biggest night are here:

BEST NEW ARTIST: Chance the Rapper. Chance the Rapper. Chance the Rapper. Really, just anyone besides The Chainsmokers.

BEST ALTERNATIVE MUSIC ALBUM:¬†Bowie’s got a chance and Radiohead put out a stellar album. However, I’m rooting for Bon Iver’s 22, A Million.¬†It’s just. so. good.

BEST POP VOCAL ALBUM:¬†Dangerous Woman¬†by Ariana Grande FTW. Sia, Adele, Bieber, and Lovato put out great albums, but Grande’s multi-faceted third LP shines and rocks Side-to-Side.

BEST ROCK ALBUM:¬†Cage the Elephant’s¬†Tell Me I’m Pretty.¬†Can they also get a Grammy for the most simple, yet elegant album cover for a Rock album?!

BEST RAP ALBUM:¬†Yeezy. Yeezy.¬†The Life of Pablo¬†soars. Yes, Drake likes to chart singles and break records, but Kanye’s TLOP is brilliant from start to finish. No one can debate that. AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT TOUR’s STAGE?!

BEST DANCE/ELECTRONIC ALBUM:¬†Flume’s¬†Skin or I’ll LOSE IT. Feel free to blast the Vic Mensa feature anytime of day too.

BEST URBAN CONTEMPORARY ALBUM:¬†Rihanna’s¬†ANTI¬†has this one on lock. It’s Rihanna’s best work to date and proves she doesn’t follow anyone’s rules. and come on. the album goes to work work work work work.

**OKAY, so what is the difference between SONG and RECORD of the year? SONG of the YEAR honors the songwriting. RECORD of the YEAR honors the production/performance. 

SONG OF THE YEAR:¬†Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”¬†takes the prize. LIKE COULD you get that pop hook out of your head?! Nope, didn’t think so.

RECORD OF THE YEAR:¬†I mean when Adele sang “Hello” for the first time I’m pretty sure 5% of the world just fainted. Adele will surely take home this one.

ALBUM OF THE YEAR:¬†BEYONCE put out the BEST Album of the YEAR. No competition. Lemonade is a work of art. I ain’t sorry about this pick.


the AWARD SHOW list: the VMAs

I LOVE AWARD SHOWS. 5 days away and¬†the VMAs have strangely only announced 3 performers. So who knows what will happen this year at Madison Square Garden. I’m hoping Miley pops in and drops another new album or that Kanye announces his running mate. Either way, check out my picks to win:

Breakthrough Long Form Video:¬†While Troye Sivan’s “Blue Neighborhood Trilogy”¬†was crazy good, you can’t beat “LEMONADE.” Expect Queen B to take this one home, hopefully after a crazy performance. Rumor has it, she’s been rehearsing in NY¬†ūüĎÄ

Best New Artist: Desiigner of COURSE. PANDA PANDA PANDA. Is there really any competition?!  DNCE may take this one home, but Desiigner truly deserves it.

Best Pop Video: All the nominees are great, but Bieber’s infectious dance video turned official music video for “Sorry” is pure gold. The video is one pop music celebration from start to finish and makes you want to try that crawl move in the second verse.

Best Collaboration: Rihanna’s¬†two videos for “Work” are nice and all, but her video with Calvin Harris is about ten times better. She¬†makes dancing in a box of projections simply fascinating. And, it’s Rihanna. So really, what’s not to love.

Male Video of the Year and¬†Best Hip Hop Video:¬†Dan Flav√≠n inspired, Drake kills it with this one. Captivating art direction and meme-ready dance moves made this single one of Drake’s biggest hits. I’m predicting he’ll take the Moonman for both awards on Sunday night.

Female Video of the Year:¬†Move over Adele, Sia put Maddie Ziegler in another video. Sia also never won Video of the Year for Chandelier (talk about summertime sadness). So, I think it’s time the VMAs showed Sia some love.

Video of the Year: Music videos have been WICKED good this year. Yet, there’s no denying the fact that¬†Mr. West’s “FAMOUS” should take home the biggest award of the night. It’s the most captivating, controversial and iconic video of the year. Even if you are Team Taylor Swift.