the FILM list: 2017

With a newly minted MoviePass, I’ve basically seen a movie a day for the past week. While I’ll never put butter on my popcorn, I do love seeing great, new films on the big screen. Here we go…a list of my favorite films in the year of Animojis.

Personal Shopper – Haunting, chilling, and Kristen Stewart’s strongest performance to date.


Dunkirk – I’m not too keen of the script, but the technical precision and cinematography of the film are stellar. Especially on an IMAX screen with a large Mr. Pibb Extra in hand.


The Disaster Artist – You’ll laugh and think “what the f@&%am I watching,” yet leave inspired and in awe of the narrative crafted based off such a strange film.


Phantom Thread – Ten minutes in, you are entranced by the lucious orchestration. 2 hours later you are left mesmerized and confused, questioning of whom or of what is the actual phantom thread.


mother! – It’s assaulting and horrifying, but so so brilliant.


I, Tonya – A wonderful surprise that feels like Juno‘s distant cousin. Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, and Allison Janney lead this indie-gem to the Olympics twice.


The Florida Project – The tale of Mooney, a 6-year old growing up in a motel outside of Disney World. It’s a prismacolor dream with free ice cream for all.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – Frances McDormand gives the performance of a lifetime accompanied by Peter Dinklage, Lucas Hedges, Woody Harrelson, and Sam Rockwell.


Lady Bird – Easily one of my new favorite films. Greta Gerwig crafts cinematic gold with an ensemble that will bring you to tears, make you chuckle, and dream – even in a setting like Sacramento.


Call Me By Your Name – From those final credits to the picturesque countryside of Crema, Italy, Call Me By Your Name ties with Lady Bird for my favorite film of the year.


the FILM list: 2016

Once upon a time I started my college career as a film major. And like everyone else, I changed my major. Four times to be exact. Yet, I still love reading film blogs all about those Oscar contenders several months in advance. Ever since Slumdog Millionaire took home Best Film and Natalie Portman leapt through award season with Black Swan, I’ve watched as many Oscar-nominated films as possible before the big night. Some of this year’s contenders made the FILM list: 2016 and some of these movies just filled an empty place in my heart. Anyways. Here we go. The 10 best movies of 2016 according to yours truly…

LA LA LAND // Hands down, the most magical, thrilling, and wonderful film of the year. You’ll smile from start to finish. I also dance around my apartment to the soundtrack daily.


Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates // I  haven’t laughed this hard since Maya Rudolph’s street squatting scene in Bridesmaids. I’d go on vacation with these four any day.


Sausage Party // Traumatizing. Yet, brilliant in every way. You’ll never walk through the grocery store the same way again.


Café Society // Woody Allen at his finest. Whimsical art direction. The perfect Sunday morning movie. Plus Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Steve Carell, and Blake Lively.


How to Be Single // Rebel Wilson takes over New York City with other millennials. TRUE to reality (minus the size of all their apartments). Living in the city IS actually this fun.

HTBS Video 1.jpg

The Secret Life of Pets // Basically the story of my life. The trauma associated with getting a second dog. Also the dog that likes heavy metal might as well be my spirit animal.


Fences // August Wilson fans rejoice. Just hand Denzel Washington and Viola Davis the Oscars now.


The Witch // Terrifying. Black Phillip. Weird. Black Phillip. THAT LAST SCENE. Black Phillip. Why bother trying to sleep???


Manchester By the Sea // Heartbreaking and beautifully shot. I’ll vacation in Manchester anytime. Michelle Williams and newcomer, Lucas Hedges shine.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them // The Harry Potter fan in me was THRIVING. A brand new adventure that doesn’t feel cheap, like a sequel, or like it’s trying to hard.


*I still haven’t seen Moonlight or Jackie or Arrival yet … I know?! WHAT ARE You DOING CHARLIE ?! but those will just have to wait for the AWARD SHOW list: oscars  🙂


the FILM list

This year, summer blockbusters have packed on the thrills without featuring Big Sean or Maddie Ziegler. Although Finding Dory and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates had me tweeting a few “lol” GIFs, no summer flick made my ultimate FILM list this year. If it’s rainy or way too hot to hit the pool, pop some popcorn and turn on one of my favorite films:

Marina Abramovíc: The Artist Is Present // I’m always down for a good documentary, especially if it’s about my favorite artist.


Spring Breakers // A satire that feels a little too honest at times. Harmony Korine captures the experience-crazed, millennial dream in its neon glory.


The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King // I’m still trying to speak Elvish.


Juno // Heartfelt, hilarious, and the soundtrack RULES. Yo Yo Yiggity Yo.


Wall-e // The story of a little robot that loved musicals, fell in love and saved the planet. My favorite animated movie since Snow White and those seven Tyrion Lannisters.


The Sound of Music // Can we just talk about the greatness that is the Lonely Goatherd puppet scene?!


Spotlight // If you haven’t seen it, make it number one on your list.


Black Swan // Forever scared to cut my finger nails or be told I have to put on pointe shoes.


Almost Famous // Penny Lane, that guy from the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, and Penny Lane.


Never Let Me Go // Pure cinematic magic.