the INSTAGRAM list: part three

This list doesn’t need an explanation. These five accounts simply inspire me. FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW them down that IG road.

@meredith_hosek: From traveling to coffee, Meredith sees the world through her own lens. I’m a HUGE fan of Meredith’s photography and her eye for composition is quite admirable. Simple elegance.


@cholpak: Whether this guy is in LA, Paris or NY, he is sure to induce some major FOMO.  PLUS just talk about some good vibes and some nice plants featuring walls.


@ellery_k8: Ellery and I go WAY back. NOW she’s killing it in Madrid teaching English. Aka changing the world. Filled with color, lots of puns, and salsa dancing she’ll show you those Spanish streets.


@iamgalla: I’ll never be a fashion blogger. But I have MAD respect for those out there who rock that world. Traveling all across the world and based out of NY, IAMGALLA kills it. Just look at those ice cream/gelato/sorbet/whatever they are cones!


@emrata: *jaw dropped emoji* followed by three *fire emojis.* Thank you Emily Ratajkowski, just thank you.



the INSTAGRAM list: part two

Instagram is the largest museum right in your pocket. Full of people who see the world a little differently than you do, it’s my favorite app and it’s filled with inspiration. If you’re looking for adventure, look no further:

@s.tefanb: I met Stefan working through UMG and I’m CONTINUALLY blown away by his travels, dedication to music, and overall cool-ness. For music festivals, front row pics, and a lot of FOMO, press FOLLOW…


@sampolonsky: Also part of the UMG squad, Sam ROCKS. Killer shots, hidden Nashville gems and a love for the world around her. Check it.


@nick_lyos: Nick and I took over the event programming world at SMU. Today he’s taking over the actual world. Whether he’s in Paris or America, you’ll get mood lighting, architecture and VIEWS Drake would talk about.


@jo___z: Describe J O S I E in two words: a blast. This Laguna Beach local is taking over France and the rest of Europe this Fall. If you’re lucky enough you’ll see some of the renowned “#josieconcertseries” and get some LOL’s.


@iso_bela: Our friendship began after discussing the “Womanizer” music video on a leather couch. She has a brilliant eye for photography and her feed is simply enchanting.


// Check out part one for five more photographers you’ve got to follow //

the INSTAGRAM list

I’m all about documenting the world around me as my Instagram bio would say. But I’m also all about finding inspiration on Instagram. Especially when it comes to new places to explore or great restaurants to try (sorry YELP, you’ve been replaced). So here is a lists of the Instagram accounts you SHOULD follow:

@_hot_tamolly_: Now I’ve known Molly since we were orientation leaders together at SMU. While her account perfectly compliments her blog, you’ll find nothing but happiness and adventure! She’s one AMAZING photographer and an even GREATER friend. Trust her wisdom and you’ll find some of the greatest food out there.


@austindwhittle: Thanks to Molly, I met Austin. And AUSTIN knows what is UP. From great walls to trendy plants to whitty puns, this guy knows how to Instagram.


@kittykinn: Can you say perfection?! Featuring her road trip-granola tours and concert shots, Kindle gets it. I’m waiting for her to be Instagram’s featured user of the day and leave peasants like us all behind. Hands down. Brilliant.


@samkeeler: SO I’ve never met Sam…But I hope to one day since we have a lot of mutual friends. She runs this killer blog called “Half n Half” and takes amazing photographs. follow // follow // FOLLOW and check out her Zine too.


@britneyspears: The GREATEST Performance Art piece since Marina Abramovíc sat in a chair at the MoMA…I think we are supposed to just be utterly confused?