the LIFE list: winter 2017

Oh, hey! It’s nice to be back. So WHAT has been UP (since I’ve been MIA since the SONG list: september)?! Read this list to find out.

  1. Have you heard of Billie Eilish? She’s basically the best thing to happen to 2017. Her tender vocals, sonic beats, and witty production have been on repeat since October. Eilish will rule 2018, so make sure you check her out.
  2. I’ve been taking a break from social media. #WHY?! Since I’ve been working in the digital/social space full-time, a dude can need a break. I mean does everyone really need to see me at another coffee shop? Does the world really need to see the moments I share with my closest friends?! To be honest, I’m not quite SURE. What has this break taught me? Just being present is a lot more rewarding than likes and comments.
  3. The zucchini chips at Rintintin are out of this world. So is Spongebob Squarepants: the Musical.
  4. I’m reading the GREATEST, most spell-binding novel right now by Hanya Yanagihara. A Little Life, tells the story of four men coming into their own after moving to New York City post-college. It’s over 700 pages and I actually can’t put it down.
  5. @Charzweber is drinking black coffee with raw sugar this winter. Either at a local La Colombe or at my favorite diner by Lincoln Center.
  6. Tove Lo’s Blue Lips weaves together what I loved about “Habits” with a dark fusion of synths. The hooks are catchy as ever. I’ll run to this album on Sunday mornings from start to finish.
  7. Earlier this fall, I moved from the Upper Upper West Side to the heart of the Upper West Side. And I LOVE IT. Walking by the Natural History Museum every morning to work, Book Culture on Columbus, SUPER restaurants, and cupping at a place across from my apartment makes my new place a 10/10.
  8. Everything about the orange zest pancakes at Nickel & Diner.
  9. Like always, I’m watching quite a lot of Television. What’s streaming on my Apple TV right now? This Is Us, The Crown, Curb Your Enthusiasm, High Maintenance, Shameless, and Keeping Up.
  10. The bottom line: I’m working a lot (but I LOVE what I do), I’m still drinking a lot of coffee, I’m reading, I’m exploring, and I’m still learning every day. ALSO, we can’t forget it’s the most wonderful time of the year: Oscar Season. As of 12/19, Lady Bird is my favorite film of the year. But, let’s not forget my Netflix cameo in Gaga: Five Foot Two…

the LIFE list: spring 2017

Well, hello there! It has been a minute. Post-Coachella (yes, I just made that a thing), I’ve been WORKING, SPINNING, CAFFEINATING and spending a lot of time with my friends. Yet, LONG LIVE The Lists of Charlie. A list of 10 things that are UP below:

  1. Working in social media, I pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So when that clock hits 6:00 PM, I’ve been trying to unplug and focus on what really matters: the PEOPLE AROUND YOU. I promise the world won’t stop if you give your phone some time alone.
  2. And if it DOES…the Wall Street Journal Push Notifications will save the day. I don’t really read NEWS (unless it’s tied to Entertainment/Tech/New Coffee Spots), but the WSJ’s notifications keep me current. #notanad
  3. I’m Turning it UP at SoulCycle. I’ve taken on their TURN IT UP challenge – mostly because I want a free gym bag. Yet, I HIGHLY recommend taking one of Sam’s classes at the W60 location. She is THE BEST. Endorphins FTW.
  4. ICYMI: Miley came back.
  5. I turn 23 on SATURDAY. TWENTY THREE. Everyone has told me 23 is the worst year of your life, but I’m determined to make it the GREATEST.
  6. #BringColorBackToNYC – Or my goal to finally give my black/white/grey/denim wardrobe some more color. Who cares if I look like a tourist?! Summer is ALMOST here. Plus, I can only rock band t-shirts under blazers for so much longer.
  7. The Television I can’t stop talking about: The Leftovers, Grace & Frankie, Veep, and The Handmaid’s Tale.
  8. Everything about Sunday in the Park with George. If I ever open a coffee shop or write a book it’s going to be called “Sunday in the Park with Charlie.”
  9. I’ve made the summer switch to COLD BREW. RIP lattés.
  10. Finally, the last thing that is UP…is that I’m trying to GO MORE WITH THE FLOW. Sometime’s it’s more fun to ditch plans, to-do lists, and just live in the moment. Who knows what might happen? 😉

the LIFE list: winter in NY

Before making the decision to move to New York. I had one big concern: the cold weather. Sure, I grew up in Kansas City and had the pleasure of all four seasons. YET, I was going to be dealing with winter way up north. Blizzards. Layers on LAYERS of coats. What on earth was I getting myself into?! My life of t-shirts and jeans would be over. Fast forward to now. TIMES CHANGE // AND I LOVE WINTER IN NEW YORK. Yes, it’s been a mild winter so far. So, this list may eventually get cancelled. BUT, I mean, I’m writing this list as it’s 45 degrees and raining outside (quite cool). Anyways. WINTER IN NEW YORK is COOL. WHY?! This list will tell you why.

  1. The SNOW – IT’S GRAND. New York goes all picturesque, full-of-instagram-potential status when that layer of fresh snow covers the ground. Ditch any hopes of amazement when the snow melts and turns to brown mush. BUT, when it snows, New York becomes a winter wonderland.
  2. Jazz Music at 3AM – You’d think cold weather means shorter bar lines in the Lower East Side. HA. HA. Jokes. SKIP the lines and find a local jazz club instead. You’ll feel like Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in La La Land. Whether it’s Smalls or the Village Vanguard, you can’t go wrong.fullsizeoutput_1532
  3. Ramen Noodles – Because when it actually is cold and you need some warm noodles for your soul. Benkei Ramen in Williamsburg is 100% approved by The Lists of Charlie.
  4. Red Wing Boots – Yeah…I tried doing the whole wear white sneakers and dress shoes in the mushy snow and yeah…you get how that story ends. YET, THESE BOOTS ARE KILLER. Club Monaco stocks them in NY. Stag Provisions has them in Dallas, Austin, and LA.
  5. Escape in the Whitney’s Dreamlands exhibition – Lounge in a comfy chair and watch some immersive cinema that will change the way you think of ART. No jackets or scarfs needed. Low key just the best museum in all of NY.fullsizeoutput_152c.jpeg
  6. AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 – A MOVIE THEATRE MADE THE LIST. Because winter means oscar season and we all like eating popcorn for dinner. PLUS each theatre has a really fancy entrance and they have a neon escalator. 👀
  7. Treadwell Park – Cable-cutting millennial? High FIVE. This Upper East Side sports bar puts award shows on ALL of their TVs. Plus, they have a pretzel the size of sheet cake.fullsizeoutput_1528
  8. Laugh off the cold at a Broadway Show – Or cry your eyes out. Or just stare in AWE at the magic that is CATS. Just don’t accidentally step in a frozen puddle and then decide to wait for lottery tickets as your toes get chilly.
  9. The Oyster Bar at Grand Central – Who doesn’t want to eat some crackers and oysters all cozy in an Oyster Bar?
  10. Grab that LATTE – Winter means it’s totally acceptable for me to drink more coffee right?! Cool. Glad we can agree on that. Toby’s Esate in West Village is my new favorite jam. Did I mention they have free wifi?!fullsizeoutput_151d

the LIFE list: 2016

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be sitting in New York right now, I would have thought you were CRAZY. Actually insane. But here I am. Living in NYC. Loving what I do everyday. AND working on this crazy website called The Lists of Charlie. Instead of writing some super long list of hocus-pocus-things-i’ve-learned, I figured I would list out the year by months and tell you how it all went down. Curated of course. We also don’t need to address how many TV shows I’ve watched…

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JANUARY – I kicked off the year in Colorado in -2 degree weather before driving the rest of the way to my new home in Los Angeles. Intern training in San Francisco, understanding Drake lyrics (“LA traffic, how the city slow”), falling in love with Alfred Coffee, and catching that SoulCycle bug started 2016 off on the right foot.

FEBRUARY – New friends // FRIENDSHIP. Trips to Disneyland. Working. Hiking Griffith Park. Working. Weekends at the Beach. More Working. More Coffee. Feeling like Rihanna with all this work work work work work. Palm Trees feat. Flat Tires. Quite the dream collaboration.

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MARCH – Somewhat mastering canyon driving in Malibu to Sia. Saying “SEE YA LATER” Los Angeles 😦 but HELLO San Francisco adventures with the one and only Keezus. Followed by freaking out about graduating in two months // What is life?! PLUS A final 24-hour musical with Legally Blonde bringing SMU together.


APRIL – Coachella DREAMS become REaLITY. 5 weeks left of undergrad classes (already retweeted my sadness). Chips. Queso. Margaritas. Homebars. Taking in all of college for the last few moments. Lots of sushi.

MAY – Graduations. Oodles of goodbyes. Rihanna changing my life. I’M COLLEGE EDUCATED. Job HUNTING continues: a memoir. The ROAD TRIP from Dallas to Baltimore. Yes Laura and Hanan, can we please drive 30 minutes out of the way so I can try this coffee shop?! Cheesecake Factories. Sitting on those Lincoln Memorial Steps. Planning for what’s ahead.


JUNE – So NOW WHAT?! New dog. Hanging with Zella Day. Job INTERVIEWSz. Exploring Kansas City. LOTS of Theatre in the Park. Figuring out exactly what I want to do. Having to say no. Accepting change. Moving forward. Never giving up.

JULY – why HELLO the Lists of Charlie!!! Trips to Los Angeles and Dallas (BLESS UP for good friends). Malibu Wines. Malibu Wines. PLUS Buzz Beach Ball. Road TRIPPING from KC to Atlanta.


AUGUST – Family Time. Final trips to Lake Lanier in Georgia. Always getting asked “what’s next for you?” and changing the subject like a BALLER. Getting to bring Connecting the Dots back to SMU 🙂 One Quarter Life Crisis leading to BIG interviews and then ACCEPTING The COOLEST JOB IN THE WORLD. also, thank you Frank Ocean.

SEPTEMBER – Made in AMERICA in Philly // The most STRESSFUL ACTIVITY IN THE WORLD that is apartment hunting in New York. Plaza Art Fairs. Saying more goodbyes. Boarding that one-way flight to NYC with a few bags and a smile.


OCTOBER – Homeless to I FOUND A HOME. Hello New JOB! HELLO Trips to IKEA. Seeing Lady Gaga and Mark Ronson play on the streets of New York. NEW FRIENDS // MORE FRIENDSHIP. Lots of coffee. Being a skeleton for Halloween like everyone else in 2016. Taking the wrong subway “just” a few times.


NOVEMBER – Sweater Weather begins. Hello Black Clothing. More Exploring. More Coffee. Dallas for THANKSGIVING and catching up with college friends. ALSO Can we talk about WESTWORLD?! Cool, thanks.

DECEMBER – Christmas in New York. Museums on Museums. Loving what I do. Realizing the complete 180 that 2016 has been. Setting Goals for 2017. Spending time with family and friends. Giving the Lists of Charlie its own domain. Being thankful for the lows and highs of 2016 and appreciating all that I have learned.

All in all 2016, thanks for helping me grow.

Let’s GO 2017 // I’m ready to take on the world. One list at a time.

Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 11.51.46 AM.png

the LIFE list: the THINGS of 2016

What in the world Charlie?! the THINGS of 2016?!

YEAH MAN. Basically a list of all the things in 2016 that are 💯% approved by the LISTS of CHARLIE. In 2015, I would have said kale, Kit & Ace, SHOWTIME’s The Affair and Pizza Hut’s $10 dinner box. What’s good in 2016?! Oh yeah. These 10 things:

  1. TV this YEAR has been crazy, stupid awesome. From Westworld to Insecure to Black Mirror to The Affair (yeah it’s still that good). Binge away world, binge away.
  2. Biscoff Cookies because you can actually get an ENTIRE SLEEVE OF THEM at your local grocery store. No need to hoard them from your flight attendants or steal them from sleeping neighbors on the plane.
  3. Stan Smith sneakers. Hands down the coolest shoe known to man in 2016. Sorry Mr. West. Keeping them all white is still a struggle, hence my third & fourth pair.
  4. SoulCycle gets your FEELING ALIVE. Hugs are better than drugs. But sometimes SoulCycle is better than hugs. I tapped it back for this first time in January and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.
  5. Coachella doesn’t need an explanation. It’s just heaven on earth. Zella Day. The 1975. Grimes. Anderson Paak. SIA. Plus also those surprise guests.
  6. Moleskine Planners because I customized mine with “sup” instead of my initials. Also because “hey, what’s up, hello” wouldn’t fit.
  7. Walk through Walls by Marina Abramovíc aka the best BOOK I’ve read in years. A memoir of Abramovíc’s life as a performance artist filled with creative inspiration on actually every page. I used two highlighters on this one.
  8. SPENDING ALL MY EXTRA CASH ON LATTEs and ESPRESSO SHOTS in search of that best cup of coffee. Who takes the cake?! Alfred Coffee in Los Angeles, Houndstooth Coffee in Dallas, Thou Mayest in Kansas City and Bluestone Lane in New York City.
  9. POST-GRAD LIFE because adulting can actually be quite fun.
  10. La La Land is MARVELOUS. HAND THEM ALL THE OSCARS NOW. Just go see it and prepare to be blown away. You’ll start smiling 30 seconds in and won’t stop until you’ve left the theatre. Or maybe you won’t stop smiling ever 🙂

the LIFE list: fall in NYC

WELP I’ve now been living in NEW YORK CITY for over two months. And let me tell you: I freaking LOVE it. Who would have thought this California-dreaming, ripped-jeans wearing dude would like the cold so much. For one, it hasn’t been that cold, I still wear ripped jeans, and who doesn’t love FALL in the city. So what have I learned so far?! Guess what?! I’m telling you in a list:

  1. It can take a while to adjust to that NY hustle. But once you do, It’s AMAZING.
  2. Get exercising!! Endorphins are great. Elle Woods was right. Whether its spinning at your favorite studio (hey SoulCycle Bryant Park), running through your favorite park (Hi Riverside Park), or lifting some weights at your local gym (YO Equinox), just do it.
  3. Never turn down a co-worker for that 3PM coffee. We all could use an extra cup.
  4. Flip on that “outgoing” switch and meet some new people. There is NOTHING wrong with “stealing” a few of your friend’s friends to hang on the weekends.
  5. EXPLORE the CITY. Whether it’s that really DOPE Bon Iver show you can’t stop thinking about OR spend a Saturday at the museum. *I really don’t think I’ll ever stop finding new things about this city*
  6. The grocery store may be intimidating, but just don’t try going on a Sunday at 5:00PM. Joining the La Croix trend is also inevitable.
  7. My new favorite hobbies?! Reading on the subway AND seeing movies on rainy Thursday nights. UPDATE: The Secret Life of Pets is still the best movie of 2016. Sorry Manchester By the Sea :/
  8. Can we just take a moment of silence for the insane Westworld Finale?! … Cool. Thanks. Glad we did that.
  9. Stay grounded in who you are and STOP worrying all the time. Just Do YOU. I’ve already met a few people who have let the NEW YORK LIFE get to their head. Don’t let it be you. No one will want to go get coffee with you at 3PM. Yikes.
  10. Finally, ALWAYS be kind. You never know when someone will make your day.


the LIFE list: moving to NY

Welp. It’s been 12 days in the city. I’ve learned a lot. Drank a lot of coffee. Found an apartment. Made some new friends. AND completely grown to love this crazy place that is New York City. 10 things I’ve learned…in that list formation:

  1. APARTMENT HUNTING IS STRESSFUL. On the real sign up for house hunters if you can. If you are moving to NY, fly here for a few days FIRST and lock down that spot. If you don’t like a place, don’t take it. You’ll know when you find that winner. Thank you Upper West Side.
  2. Bring that portable charger. I use mine almost everyday because Google Maps and I are still BFFs. PLUS a new friend may need a charge and you can lend that helping cord.
  3. Being close to your friends is A HUGE PLUS. If you’ve let friends sleep on your couch (due to number 1), you are a saint and you should receive a giant hug.
  4. Pizza is always the answer.
  5. The COFFEE in New York is LIT. My official coffee list is coming soon…but if you can’t wait, check out Bluestone Lane in Bryant Park.
  6. Go explore new neighborhoods and just walk around! DUMBO, the Lower East Side Chelsea, Battery Park, Flatiron, the list goes on. Walking around is super fun (when it isn’t raining) and will fill those Apple Watch rings.
  7. Smile ALL THE TIME and don’t wear shoes that give you blisters.
  9. Times Square is still pretty magical. Especially when you remember dreaming of moving to the city as a kid realizing everday that you MADE IT!
  10. Moving to New York is a huge adjustment for anyone. It’s a big deal. So give yourself a break AND embrace the change. Laugh off the stress, stroll through Central Park and never turn down a rooftop Happy Hour.

I seriously cannot wait to see what will happen next. Besides more lists added to the Lists of Charlie.


the LIFE list: summer 2016

The stars have finally aligned and I’m PUMPED to announce that I’M MOVING TO NEW YORK. Yep, that’s right. YOUR FAVORITE LIST MAKER is headed to the Big Apple to work for HBO. From transitioning into post-grad life to figuring out my next move, I’ve definitely learned a lot this summer. So here it is, the first of many LIFE lists. Or in simpler terms, the WHAT I LEARNED THIS SUMMER list.

  1. At the end of the day, plans change no matter what you tell yourself.
  2. Don’t ask for a dairy-free mocha at Caribou Coffee. They will hate you. Hate you.
  3. Reading is GOOD for the soul. Especially when its the new Harry Potter play, The Goldfinch, or The Girls.
  4. Adult coloring books are SO COOL. Learn how to do it right via the Chelsea show on Netflix. PRO TIP: Watercolor pencils blend super well.
  5. Binge on Veep, Casual, and Shameless. Retire Orange is the New Black and Mr. Robot.
  6. Even if you aren’t in Texas, you can still find a decent margarita.
  7. You can actually become a car mechanic after a few YouTube videos.
  8. Connect with your old friends, who knows what you’ll find out. MAYBE they’re moving to SPAIN?! OR they could be headed to NY just like you?!
  9. Never stop fighting for your dreams, even if it takes everything you’ve got.
  10. In the end, it will all be OK.