the MUSICAL list

Getting cast in The King and I at Theatre in the Park back in 2006 led to whistling lessons and friendships that still stand to this day. Fast forward 10 years later and I’ve been a troubled teenager, one of the nicest kids in town and an endorphin-filled jump roper. You asked for it, the MUSICAL list, aka my top 10 favorite shows:


Spring Awakening //  It’s a beautiful, tear-filled, and important musical you won’t ever forget. Favorite Song: Totally F*****

A Chorus Line // My favorite musical of all time. Every. Song. Is. BRILLIANT. I would LOVE to do this show, so if you have a part, I’ll happily dance in the back and get cut after “I Hope I Get It” just to be in this one. Favorite Song: What I Did For Love


Legally Blonde: The Musical // I’ve been on the stage and behind the scenes for this show. I’m POSITIVE you’ll smile the whole time, plus jump roping and almost tearing your ACL is always a good time. Favorite Song: Legally Blonde

Hairspray // I was in this show for five weeks and I still don’t know how anyone didn’t tell me to cool it on the aggressive smiling. This one is also headed to NBC this December to be “Live” with ARIANA GRANDE. bless. up. Favorite Song: Without Love


If / Then // The BOX OFFICE rocked and gave us fourth row seats after our bus broke down missing our original show. While I’ll never take a Megabus again, Idina Menzel was perfection. All including a wonderful score from the team behind Next to NormalFavorite Song: Hey, Kid

Aida // MUSIC from SIR ELTON JOHN. Running into the catacombs. Chipping off part of your hip bone. Just your normal Summer. Outdoor. Theatre. The photo below was taken backstage at 1AM getting notes pre-IHOP feast mostly being told to stop running into things. Favorite Song: The Gods Love Nubia


CATS // Normally alone in my love for this show, but you BET I’ll be seeing it once I get to New York. Who wouldn’t want to get on stage in a cat suit and dance anyway?! Favorite Song: Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer

High School Musical // What. Are you kidding Charlie?! You put this show on your list?! Yep, I did. While it may not have the best book and for some reason all the men in the show sing the Alto part, it is SO MUCH FUN. Favorite Song: the MEGAMIX at the END


Children of Eden // One of my favorite shows to this day. If it’s done wrong, run away. But if it’s done right, this musical is pure magic. All including a giant ARK on the stage for Act Two. Favorite Song: Children of Eden 

The King and I // The show that started it all. Plus my brother had to die his hair black in fourth grade and I had to draw on my eyebrows. One heartfelt musical from start to finish.  Favorite Song: Shall We Dance?