the WORD list: a personal vocabulary

If you know me, you KNOW I like to make up my own words. And some words I just learn along the way and integrate them into my personal vocabulary. Or I’ll just type everything in all CAPS or in all lowercase letters! So I crafted another list (big surprise) of the words/phrases that make up my personal vocabulary. In alphabetical order:

“A Cubano” – The WAY to drink coffee when you need a pick me up. Two packets of raw sugar tapped into ground espresso which is then poured as a long shot. Super sweet and smooth. Never bitter.

Bless UP – Normally associated with “Chips & Queso” or when my Weather App tells me it is going to be 65 degrees in NY. Just a “thank you” // “good bless” // evolution of “Thank You Grilled Cheesus.”

deal. – Stolen from a close friend, “deal.” is equivalent to “sounds good,” “gucci,” or “sounds like a plan Stan.” The period following “deal” is always included. Short, sweet and to the point (just like a cubano).

“In the end it all works out” – Really just my go-to. It can get you through anything. I’ll say it to my friends. I’ll say it to myself. Because it really will all be okay. Not a single word, but all of these words just go together.

SUGARFISH – It opened in NEW YORK four days ago and DUDE am I excited. SUGARFISH is fast, amazing and reasonably priced sushi that rivals Nobu for 1/4 of the price. Their “TRUST ME” to-go box is the way to go. It’s a restaurant but also a lifestyle.

Swagü – Probably the word that receives the most criticism. I picked it up from the Beyoncé/Andre 3000 song “Party” and added two dots over that last letter. Mostly because I thought it looked nice. For when something is going GREAT.

Thanks yo – When I REALLY mean it. When that TY comes from the heart.

UnREAL – Not the TV show (although it is great), but more so just a better way of saying “OH MY GOODNESS” or “ZEDIS LAPEDIS”

welp – I’m not the kind of guy that will say “oh $%#&” or another word that you wouldn’t hear during Finding Nemo. So I say WELP. The word is a combination of “well that nots good” and “we’ll figure it out.” Just keeping it positive ya know.

“//” – THE SLASH BARS. Always in a pair. C’mon parallel lines people. But more so just a more creative way to separate my thoughts, strange vocabulary, etc.