the COFFEE list: new york city part two

Is it WEIRD to think that I have been living in New York now for almost six months?! Welp world, it is weird to me. Time FLIES when you’re having a blast. I’ve finally hit a rhythm of favorite things to do, parks to run through, friends to chill with, and coffee shops to spend my Saturday mornings. And NEW YORK CITY is HUGE, so I’m still exploring. AND these five coffee shops made part two of my favorite kind of list ☕️

Toby’s Estate in West Village // Officially my favorite coffee spot in all of New York. They have a few locations all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, but their West Village location has these MASSIVE windows perfect for daydreaming and list making. It’s the ALFRED of NY if that means anything to you California Dreamers.


El Rey Coffee Bar in the Lower East Side // Maybe it was the light blue neon that caught my eye or the fact their espresso was smooth, silky and strong. You won’t find any under or over-pours here. Don’t plan on bringing a laptop, it’s all about the on-the-go lifestyle at this one.


Stumptown Coffee in Flatiron // Just a few blocks from Flatiron, you’ll be bouncing off the walls from their coffee. And I mean BOUNCING. Exhausted or hungover? Call that taxi and head to Stumptown. ALMOST as good as their location in Downtown LA. ALMOST 😉


Devoción in Williamsburg // They have a really nice green wall. They change up their coffee beans on the reg. And they have UBER COMFY couches right under their giant skylight.  Also, can we talk about the people watching potential (as highlighted in the photo below) ?! Humans in 2017 fascinate me.


La Colombe in SoHo // This workplace favorite slides into the final spot. While they don’t have soy milk (a travesty), their DRAFT LATTE is out of this WORLD. I don’t drink milk (save the cows), but my friends swear by it. I also really appreciate their snazzy coffee bar set-up where they give you stirring spoons, sugar, galore.


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the LIFE list: the THINGS of 2016

What in the world Charlie?! the THINGS of 2016?!

YEAH MAN. Basically a list of all the things in 2016 that are 💯% approved by the LISTS of CHARLIE. In 2015, I would have said kale, Kit & Ace, SHOWTIME’s The Affair and Pizza Hut’s $10 dinner box. What’s good in 2016?! Oh yeah. These 10 things:

  1. TV this YEAR has been crazy, stupid awesome. From Westworld to Insecure to Black Mirror to The Affair (yeah it’s still that good). Binge away world, binge away.
  2. Biscoff Cookies because you can actually get an ENTIRE SLEEVE OF THEM at your local grocery store. No need to hoard them from your flight attendants or steal them from sleeping neighbors on the plane.
  3. Stan Smith sneakers. Hands down the coolest shoe known to man in 2016. Sorry Mr. West. Keeping them all white is still a struggle, hence my third & fourth pair.
  4. SoulCycle gets your FEELING ALIVE. Hugs are better than drugs. But sometimes SoulCycle is better than hugs. I tapped it back for this first time in January and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.
  5. Coachella doesn’t need an explanation. It’s just heaven on earth. Zella Day. The 1975. Grimes. Anderson Paak. SIA. Plus also those surprise guests.
  6. Moleskine Planners because I customized mine with “sup” instead of my initials. Also because “hey, what’s up, hello” wouldn’t fit.
  7. Walk through Walls by Marina Abramovíc aka the best BOOK I’ve read in years. A memoir of Abramovíc’s life as a performance artist filled with creative inspiration on actually every page. I used two highlighters on this one.
  8. SPENDING ALL MY EXTRA CASH ON LATTEs and ESPRESSO SHOTS in search of that best cup of coffee. Who takes the cake?! Alfred Coffee in Los Angeles, Houndstooth Coffee in Dallas, Thou Mayest in Kansas City and Bluestone Lane in New York City.
  9. POST-GRAD LIFE because adulting can actually be quite fun.
  10. La La Land is MARVELOUS. HAND THEM ALL THE OSCARS NOW. Just go see it and prepare to be blown away. You’ll start smiling 30 seconds in and won’t stop until you’ve left the theatre. Or maybe you won’t stop smiling ever 🙂