the AWARD SHOW list: the GRAMMYs

THE BEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR. Well, hopefully. Will Bieber show up? Will Katy Perry drop a ūüĒ• new single? Will Beyonc√© finally take home the BIG AWARD for a visual album?¬†All good questions. You just won’t find me paying attention during the country music categories. The LISTS of CHARLIE’s official picks for music’s biggest night are here:

BEST NEW ARTIST: Chance the Rapper. Chance the Rapper. Chance the Rapper. Really, just anyone besides The Chainsmokers.

BEST ALTERNATIVE MUSIC ALBUM:¬†Bowie’s got a chance and Radiohead put out a stellar album. However, I’m rooting for Bon Iver’s 22, A Million.¬†It’s just. so. good.

BEST POP VOCAL ALBUM:¬†Dangerous Woman¬†by Ariana Grande FTW. Sia, Adele, Bieber, and Lovato put out great albums, but Grande’s multi-faceted third LP shines and rocks Side-to-Side.

BEST ROCK ALBUM:¬†Cage the Elephant’s¬†Tell Me I’m Pretty.¬†Can they also get a Grammy for the most simple, yet elegant album cover for a Rock album?!

BEST RAP ALBUM:¬†Yeezy. Yeezy.¬†The Life of Pablo¬†soars. Yes, Drake likes to chart singles and break records, but Kanye’s TLOP is brilliant from start to finish. No one can debate that. AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT TOUR’s STAGE?!

BEST DANCE/ELECTRONIC ALBUM:¬†Flume’s¬†Skin or I’ll LOSE IT. Feel free to blast the Vic Mensa feature anytime of day too.

BEST URBAN CONTEMPORARY ALBUM:¬†Rihanna’s¬†ANTI¬†has this one on lock. It’s Rihanna’s best work to date and proves she doesn’t follow anyone’s rules. and come on. the album goes to work work work work work.

**OKAY, so what is the difference between SONG and RECORD of the year? SONG of the YEAR honors the songwriting. RECORD of the YEAR honors the production/performance. 

SONG OF THE YEAR:¬†Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”¬†takes the prize. LIKE COULD you get that pop hook out of your head?! Nope, didn’t think so.

RECORD OF THE YEAR:¬†I mean when Adele sang “Hello” for the first time I’m pretty sure 5% of the world just fainted. Adele will surely take home this one.

ALBUM OF THE YEAR:¬†BEYONCE put out the BEST Album of the YEAR. No competition. Lemonade is a work of art. I ain’t sorry about this pick.



the SONG list: december

Just 10 more songs before the SONG list heads to 2017. From dance remixes to those slow ballads, I’ve got all the songs you need to hear right now. As always, you can listen to¬†them all on¬†Apple Music.¬†Holiday Music, not included.

Don’t Hurt Yourself (feat. Jack White)¬†by Beyonc√©¬†//¬†Queen of the GRAMMYs and easily a Queen of the SONG list. This one earned Beyonc√© a Best Rock Performance nod and its perfect for doing some planks at the gym.

On Hold¬†by The xx¬†//¬†I. Am. SO. EXCITED. for their new album to come out in 2017. This lead single is holding me over until January, but get ready to bop along to this track. The band’s new vibe is a perfect hybrid of airy indie synths, sampling Hall & Oates, all with that Jamie XX drum beat.

American Money (Virtu Remix)¬†by¬†B√ėRNS¬†//¬†One of my favorite songs from 2015 gets a killer remix from Virtu. Prepare to dance the second that bass drops. It just makes you want to dance around at a pool party with Ray Bans on deck.

Stargirl Interlude (feat. Lana Del Rey)¬†by The¬†Weeknd¬†//¬†Now I LOVE The Weeknd’s new album (it made the ALBUM list: 2016). This LDR collab is 1000x better than BBHTM’s¬†“Prisoner.” Cosmic and surprising, the duet is one I can’t wait to hear on vinyl.

City of Stars¬†from La La Land¬†//¬†La La Land is easily my new favorite movie. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s performance of the main theme is transcendent. From the melodies to the simple production, it’s the perfect preview of the wonder that is the entire La La Land soundtrack.

Carry Me Home (feat. Maverick Sabre)¬†by Jorja Smith¬†//¬†Jorja Smith is just something else. PURE talent. Hi. Hello. Please play some shows ASAP. She’s ONE TO WATCH. Like wow. Just TRUST ME.

Make Me (Cry) [feat. Labrinth]¬†by Noah Cyrus¬†//¬†TALK ABOUT A DEBUT SINGLE. It’s pure pop. But insanely irresistible. Labrinth elevates the track and Cyrus proves she’s not the only kid of Billy Ray’s that can sing. Aren’t we all just suckers for a good pop song now and again?

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever¬†by Zayn and Taylor Swift¬†//¬†Fifty Shades owning that soundtrack game again. While they have already hinted at Miguel’s new cover of “Crazy In Love,” this surprise drop last Friday kicked off the weekend. Swift gets sultry, Zayn belts out some high notes.

Higher by Rihanna // Further proof Rihanna can sing РPUMA CREEPERS not included.

Video Child¬†by Many Voices Speak¬†//¬†Just another slow song added to my iPhone that I have to skip over at parties. JUST KIDDING. Yep, it’s sad and beautiful – nothing wrong with that combo – and my favorite song on this list. Elegance in an .mp3

Listen to the SONG list: december on Apple Music.