the NEW YORK list: summer in the city

WELL, It’s SUMMER in New York City. And it has been pretty, pretty cool (lifestyle and temperature wise). 10 things on my mind related to summer in the city (and somewhat not related) below. List formation, here we GO:

  1. Back on a dark day in May, I woke up at 4:00 AM to scathing heat. 2 fans made no difference. A cold shower and 12 hours later, I found my new best friend at Lowe’s. God bless the AIR CONDITONERs of the city. *Who would have guessed Lowe’s would show up on tLoC?!* 
  2. God bless HAIM.
  3. Caliente Cab. The Facebook viral video with the GIANT margaritas was a LIE, but it’s my new favorite spot. Just don’t be that person taking a picture of the giant margarita over the patio. Eat enchiladas for days.
  4. People in New York LOVE the Hamptons. AND YES, I’m totally hoping to be one of those people who go every weekend one day. Yet, NO ONE is HERE on the WEEKENDS now. Sooooo…Explore that CITY. Heck, DATE the CITY if you feel so inclined.
  5. I really like living in the Upper West Side. Sure, I sometimes feel like an old man reading in Riverside Park, BUT have you seen the tree-lined STREETS?!
  6. I’m adding “GIF Wizard” to my resume. That and “taco connoisseur.” I’m undecided on “music video enthusiast.” Please let me know your thoughts.
  7. YOGA, man. Who would have thought?! Sure, I’m tumbling over and I have no clue what a chaturanga is or does, but I’m learning. And I like sleeping on the floor.
  8. It hit me about 6 weeks ago, but this list maker LOVES new york.
  9. I just went to TAOS, NEW MEXICO!!! I’ll make a list soon…A sneak peek: TAOS knows how to make mouth-watering french fries. Spoiler: “the TRIP list: TAOS” is basically “the FRENCH FRIES list.” Muhahaha.
  10. I’m still learning a lot about life. And that’s COMPLETELY okay. At the end of the day, the best part about summer has been sharing stories with new and old friends over drinks, dinner, and/or dessert on many sidewalk patios. OR on that Brooklyn Barge (low key the coolest place to hang all summer long).


the TREND list: summer 2017

The HEAT is rising in New York City. Music is stellar. Life is swell. Can you pass the guacamole? What’s running through my head + the things I believe in. List formation, let’s go:

Melodrama // I was skeptical if 11 tracks could surpass Pure Heroine, but Lorde over-delivered. Her second LP is pure brilliance. It’s a tragedy, a celebration of self-discovery, AND the BEST RECORD of THE YEAR. Hear it here.

Barry’s Bootcamp // You’ll crawl out of the class, but feel like a ROCKSTAR.

The Leftovers // Arguably, the best show I’ve ever seen. It’s a cathartic exploration of the meaning of life. With just three seasons, it’s a relaxed summer binge. Also, the cast is BRILLIANT.


Aviator Nation // The WORLD’s comfiest HOODIE. SLASH of course, I’m also just trying to bring more California vibes to NY.

My Sneaker Secret // HOW ON EARTH do you keep WHITE shoes clean in New York? Muhahaha…I know the secret 😜 Want to know how?! Lysol Wipes. Yep, those things you use to clean your kitchen, turn your dirty kicks into true Superstars.

Imagine Me Gone by Adam Haslett // Bring it to the beach. Or take it on the train. It’s the perfect read with a cold brew in hand.


Sunshine // Thanks to one of my fellow co-workers, I discovered this APP. Every morning it will light up your phone and let you know how to dress for the weather. Download it here.

THIS iPhone CASE // Saving my life, one day at a time.

The Handmaid’s Tale // I’m still asking myself “WHAT just HAPPENED?!” at that season finale. I’d describe the show as a crossover between 1984, Westworld, Mr. Robot, and Nip/Tuck. Mid-season the show gets a little too exploratory, but the final two episodes are jarring. Praise be.

Sweetgreen // Blessed be their Harvest Bowls.


the LIFE list: 2016

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be sitting in New York right now, I would have thought you were CRAZY. Actually insane. But here I am. Living in NYC. Loving what I do everyday. AND working on this crazy website called The Lists of Charlie. Instead of writing some super long list of hocus-pocus-things-i’ve-learned, I figured I would list out the year by months and tell you how it all went down. Curated of course. We also don’t need to address how many TV shows I’ve watched…

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JANUARY – I kicked off the year in Colorado in -2 degree weather before driving the rest of the way to my new home in Los Angeles. Intern training in San Francisco, understanding Drake lyrics (“LA traffic, how the city slow”), falling in love with Alfred Coffee, and catching that SoulCycle bug started 2016 off on the right foot.

FEBRUARY – New friends // FRIENDSHIP. Trips to Disneyland. Working. Hiking Griffith Park. Working. Weekends at the Beach. More Working. More Coffee. Feeling like Rihanna with all this work work work work work. Palm Trees feat. Flat Tires. Quite the dream collaboration.

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MARCH – Somewhat mastering canyon driving in Malibu to Sia. Saying “SEE YA LATER” Los Angeles 😦 but HELLO San Francisco adventures with the one and only Keezus. Followed by freaking out about graduating in two months // What is life?! PLUS A final 24-hour musical with Legally Blonde bringing SMU together.


APRIL – Coachella DREAMS become REaLITY. 5 weeks left of undergrad classes (already retweeted my sadness). Chips. Queso. Margaritas. Homebars. Taking in all of college for the last few moments. Lots of sushi.

MAY – Graduations. Oodles of goodbyes. Rihanna changing my life. I’M COLLEGE EDUCATED. Job HUNTING continues: a memoir. The ROAD TRIP from Dallas to Baltimore. Yes Laura and Hanan, can we please drive 30 minutes out of the way so I can try this coffee shop?! Cheesecake Factories. Sitting on those Lincoln Memorial Steps. Planning for what’s ahead.


JUNE – So NOW WHAT?! New dog. Hanging with Zella Day. Job INTERVIEWSz. Exploring Kansas City. LOTS of Theatre in the Park. Figuring out exactly what I want to do. Having to say no. Accepting change. Moving forward. Never giving up.

JULY – why HELLO the Lists of Charlie!!! Trips to Los Angeles and Dallas (BLESS UP for good friends). Malibu Wines. Malibu Wines. PLUS Buzz Beach Ball. Road TRIPPING from KC to Atlanta.


AUGUST – Family Time. Final trips to Lake Lanier in Georgia. Always getting asked “what’s next for you?” and changing the subject like a BALLER. Getting to bring Connecting the Dots back to SMU 🙂 One Quarter Life Crisis leading to BIG interviews and then ACCEPTING The COOLEST JOB IN THE WORLD. also, thank you Frank Ocean.

SEPTEMBER – Made in AMERICA in Philly // The most STRESSFUL ACTIVITY IN THE WORLD that is apartment hunting in New York. Plaza Art Fairs. Saying more goodbyes. Boarding that one-way flight to NYC with a few bags and a smile.


OCTOBER – Homeless to I FOUND A HOME. Hello New JOB! HELLO Trips to IKEA. Seeing Lady Gaga and Mark Ronson play on the streets of New York. NEW FRIENDS // MORE FRIENDSHIP. Lots of coffee. Being a skeleton for Halloween like everyone else in 2016. Taking the wrong subway “just” a few times.


NOVEMBER – Sweater Weather begins. Hello Black Clothing. More Exploring. More Coffee. Dallas for THANKSGIVING and catching up with college friends. ALSO Can we talk about WESTWORLD?! Cool, thanks.

DECEMBER – Christmas in New York. Museums on Museums. Loving what I do. Realizing the complete 180 that 2016 has been. Setting Goals for 2017. Spending time with family and friends. Giving the Lists of Charlie its own domain. Being thankful for the lows and highs of 2016 and appreciating all that I have learned.

All in all 2016, thanks for helping me grow.

Let’s GO 2017 // I’m ready to take on the world. One list at a time.

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