the LIFE list: fall in NYC

WELP I’ve now been living in NEW YORK CITY for over two months. And let me tell you: I freaking LOVE it. Who would have thought this California-dreaming, ripped-jeans wearing dude would like the cold so much. For one, it hasn’t been that cold, I still wear ripped jeans, and who doesn’t love FALL in the city. So what have I learned so far?! Guess what?! I’m telling you in a list:

  1. It can take a while to adjust to that NY hustle. But once you do, It’s AMAZING.
  2. Get exercising!! Endorphins are great. Elle Woods was right. Whether its spinning at your favorite studio (hey SoulCycle Bryant Park), running through your favorite park (Hi Riverside Park), or lifting some weights at your local gym (YO Equinox), just do it.
  3. Never turn down a co-worker for that 3PM coffee. We all could use an extra cup.
  4. Flip on that “outgoing” switch and meet some new people. There is NOTHING wrong with “stealing” a few of your friend’s friends to hang on the weekends.
  5. EXPLORE the CITY. Whether it’s that really DOPE Bon Iver show you can’t stop thinking about OR spend a Saturday at the museum. *I really don’t think I’ll ever stop finding new things about this city*
  6. The grocery store may be intimidating, but just don’t try going on a Sunday at 5:00PM. Joining the La Croix trend is also inevitable.
  7. My new favorite hobbies?! Reading on the subway AND seeing movies on rainy Thursday nights. UPDATE: The Secret Life of Pets is still the best movie of 2016. Sorry Manchester By the Sea :/
  8. Can we just take a moment of silence for the insane Westworld Finale?! … Cool. Thanks. Glad we did that.
  9. Stay grounded in who you are and STOP worrying all the time. Just Do YOU. I’ve already met a few people who have let the NEW YORK LIFE get to their head. Don’t let it be you. No one will want to go get coffee with you at 3PM. Yikes.
  10. Finally, ALWAYS be kind. You never know when someone will make your day.