the TV list: 2017

The television, I truly couldn’t stop talking about this year. Binge it all away…

Big Little Lies (HBO) – With a killer soundtrack this award-winning miniseries is pure brilliance. Even after watching this one three times, you still get lost in those Monterey waves.


13 Reasons Why (Netflix) – A gut-wrenching and heart-breaking, important watch. The page-to-screen adaption finds more to explore in each of the 13 episodes.


The Leftovers (HBO) – The series conclusion, which aired this past Spring, had me tearing up in the final episode AND I DO NOT CRY. #ugh #this #show.

norasarah the leftovers season three premiere episode 1.png

Insecure (HBO) – Season 2 brings the laughs, the tears, oodles of SZA, and plenty of those “SAY WHAT?!” moments. It’s a quick binge that has me eagerly awaiting Season 3.


The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu) – PRAISE BE.


Game of Thrones (HBO) – White Walkers, that LAST Theon scene, and it finally snows! Season 7’s art direction is off The WALL.


Siesta Key (MTV) – All the drama. Also, their music budget has to be $$$$$$$$.


Six Feet Under (HBO) – A summer binge that had me hooked after one episode and pulling for Team Brenda until the very end.


The Deuce (HBO) – Thank god there are no scary Elmo’s in this show centered around Times Square. Gyllenhaal and Franco lead this ensemble show into the new age.


This Is Us (NBC) – The hype is real.


The Crown (Netflix) – Princess Margaret drives some of the best episodes of television ever created. While Season 2 is more episodic than the first, the cinematography is simply entrancing.


Casual (Hulu) – A gem. A wonder. It’s a sans Kardshaian look at LA.